• We don’t just sell air conditioners

  • We personally visit your home

  • We give you a free recommendation

  • We install it properly

  • We care for your property

  • We service your air conditioner and  

  • We keep your warranty details on file

Book your personal consultation

Our unique service at Aaerfusion starts with a home consultation so we can see your space and talk through your plans. We can then provide you with a good quality recommendation and quote accordingly.


We quote in person, and over the phone

As you can imagine, we prefer not to give quotes over the phone without seeing your home/office first as it can lead to misinformation.

We also understand that you may like a guide to compare prices, so if we have enough information from you we can provide a verbal estimate which will be subject to, and confirmed, after a site survey.

Once we see a space and get an idea of your needs, we can give you an accurate assessment and provide you a range of options. 

Better quality brands mean better value

We work with good quality brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Panasonic and Actron Air, because we believe the quality they provide is worth the investment. Good quality units generally work more efficiently (better for your power bill) and last for longer with regular servicing. We generally don’t install units bought from a third party because there are often faults and problems involved with these cheaper units.

Interior and exterior design choices

We are known for the quality of our workmanship and how we take care of all the little details. On top of doing a great quality installation, we want to make sure you’re happy with the look of your unit, inside and outside your home. We have many ideas on how you can reduce the visual impact of hoses, pipes and the compressor unit outside your home. Things we take into account and discuss with you include:

  • The unit placement
  • Possible screening
  • Painting

Anything else we can suggest to lower the visual impact of your system.

Yet another benefit of choosing Aaerfusion

When you install a new air conditioner with Aaerfusion, we keep your warranty details on file for easy reference. This way if you need to claim anything to do with your warranty, we have all the information on hand so we can quickly fix any issues and help you claim.  It’s just another part of our service and another reason why so many people are happy with Aaerfusion.