Mat Daley - Technician

Mathew Daley is our service Manager and focus’s mainly on service & repairs he has over 8 years in the business - is a fully licensed and qualified Refrigeration /Air conditioning technician.

A specialist in sales and installation, Mat takes the time to really understand our customers’ needs, recommend the best solutions and will always treat you in a respectful and friendly manner.

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Lloyd Daley - Senior technician

Lloyd Daley is the senior partner with 40 + years of experience in the industry. He focus’s primarily on Sales and Installation, design and consulting services but has loads of technical knowledge - he has a great reputation for problem solving has worked in the corporate environment with Carrier A/C, and run 3 of his own successful Air conditioning companies.

He has large company expertise but his culture along with our core values are small business as his focus is on achieving customer needs. 

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