Ducted Air Conditioning – Published Customer Review

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    We recently moved into a newly built home. We discovered to our dismay that the ducted air conditioning system that had been installed was not specified with nearly enough capacity to deal with a Brisbane summer, and not enough outlets to properly distribute heat in the winter. Having dealt with Aaerfusion at our previous home, where Lloyd and his team pulled off a difficult job brilliantly, there was no question as to who to call to help look for solutions. Sure enough, despite it looking like there was nothing could be done, Lloyd spent the time looking at options and came up with the answer; an additional underfloor system with outlets in the floor and in the base of the kitchen island. Given the home was newly built, the solution was simply superb as it was very unobtrusive. Unsurprisingly, Lloyd and his team showed up on time, cleaned up once the job was done, looked out for our young children and made sure everything worked as it should. We are extremely happy with the result. Having dealt with many air conditioning companies over time, I can say there is simply no better in Brisbane than Aaerfusion. We cannot recommend them highly enough.